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Polish language course



Level of the course 

– the course will be carried out in English

a1/A2 - elementary


Number of hours: 60 h.
Price: 1250 zl



from:  9:45 to 13:15

Start of the course: 0
End of the course:    17

Number of people in a group: from 10 people to 15 people


35 Jana z Kolna St., Sopot Wyścigi (150 m. from SKM-Sopot Wyścigi station)

or Bohaterów Monte Casino, Sopot

The course is designed for foreigners living in Poland (pupils, students, employees of various professions and job seekers) wishing to learn the language, develop communication skills in Polish or acquire knowledge of the terminology of the industry in which they work).

Starting the course at a1/A2* (basic) level, the student should already know the basics of communication in Polish, i.e. communicate in everyday activities, introduce themselves, ask simple questions and answer them, know basic phrases.


During the course at a1/A2 level, the student will learn to express uncomplicated requests, wishes, ask for help primarily in matters related to the labor market, and learn phrases related to basic medical assistance. They will acquire and systematize basic grammatical skills of the Polish language. They will learn to understand statements thematically related to typical everyday matters. They will be able to talk about themselves, their interests and free time in a simple way. They will learn how to cope when traveling in Poland.


The thematic scope of learning Polish will also include establishing contacts, expressing moods, asking questions, defining characteristics of people, asking for basic information, address, telephone number, nationality, origin, age, profession and occupation, expressing likes and dislikes, as well as times of day, hours, days of the week, daily activities, description of appearance, interests, hobbies, free time, shopping, eating and drinking, getting around and communication.

Each student will receive a certificate of completion of the Polish language course at the A2 level.

* a1/A2 - the student already knows the basics of the Polish language and wants to develop them.

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